My Journey Begins

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Welcome to my first blog. The title of this post is particularly appropriate because after several years of acquiring various eBooks and other e-products, reading intensely about e Commerce, Internet and Affiliate Marketing and frustrating the he** out of my great wife, I have finally decided to make a serious start towards becoming an eCommerce Success!

As we travel on this journey, I will be adding some very interesting and hopefully informative material to this blog. In addition, you will see links to various programmes and products that my research has shown to be excellent for income generation. Please try them out for yourself.

Remember, some key factors to succeeding online are:

  • Have a clear plan
  • Establish goals
  • Provide/develop Quality products and service
  • Develop “Multiple Income Streams”
  • “Building a Quality List”.

These are the steps I am following as I start my journey and I welcome you to join me on this great quest. Please feel free to give me your comments, thoughts and suggestions (good or bad). Let us grow together and enrich our lives.

See you on the Road To Success!

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  1. BettyNo Gravatar says:

    At last, great job!

  2. BettyNo Gravatar says:

    Very informative, your research has paid off.

  3. Hello Richard,

    I guess, your name is Richard and that you’re the Richard Black who visited my Blog, named BBB, Blogging Baby Boomer and left a comment on my blog.

    I say I guess, because I don’t see your name on this blog, not even in your “About” where you introduces yourself. I may be wrong, but I don’t see your name.

    I have to congratulate you with your new blog too. It looks like you have much more in place than I have on my blog. Your blog looks ready to monetize.
    I don’t have so much on it yet.
    But I’m grateful that the blog is getting quite conversational and that’s something I would like my blog to evolve in.

    I will bookmark your blog and I’ll come back. I can certainly learn much from you, and maybe I can inform you about information I know about which can help us improve our blogs.

    It would be nice to grow together as you suggested at the end of this post.

    Good start with your blog Richard and once again thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your welcome to visit again any time.
    Deana Wilmink-Martina

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