Internet Marketing and Joint Ventures

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Joint Venture Success

Joint Venture Success

As an Internet Marketer, you will have heard the expression, “The Money is in the List”. Well the simple fact is that without a list of targeted potential buyers, you will find it more difficult to achieve the success you want in internet marketing.

Recently, a ‘hot’ way to add hundreds if not thousands of prospects to mail lists is the Joint Venture Giveaway Event. These are also a great way for Marketers to grab new products for themselves – for FREE.

As a Marketer, participating in a JV by contributing a product that you have either made yourself, or that you hold the ‘Giveaway Rights’ for, can boost your list 100 fold within a few days.

NOTE: Not all Master Resell and Resell Rights Products allow you to give away the products for free, so make sure that you check the Licence you have carefully.

To put it plainly – there are two primary points to JV giveaways:

  • They help Internet Marketers increase the size of their lists by contributing a free downloadable product and having subscribers sign up to download their free gift.
  • They are great source for other Internet Marketers to find valuable information and products for free.

I have just participated as a contributor in two JV’s. If you are interested in participating as Contributor to either or both of these check these links – its FREE to participate.

Thanks For Giving Giveaway Event
Internet Marketing Products Giveaway Event

Members For Free Gifts:
Thanks For Giving – Free Gifts
Internet Marketing Products Giveaway Event – Free Gifts

If you just want to grab some free products, then just join as a Member (free also) and download at will.

In future posts, I will delve more deeply into how to set up a product for contribution to a JV. In the meantime, I am off to set up a few more products to contribute in upcoming JV’s.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    I trust you had a good weekend. I decided to come look at your blog again.
    I’ve done it a few times. How do you like the blogging?

    I wanted to tell you about a blogpost I’ve seen and which I like so much, maybe it will be interesting for you too to read as a new blogger.

    It was posted, I think it was on September 14,2009 on this blog: I like the topics this blogowner has and then the blend of good text content, images and great quotes in all her posts.
    The article I refer to is: Ten Reasons to Blog: Your Ego van Handle it.

    Let me know what you think of it.

    This blogowner is now working on a series of interviews and she asked me to allow her to interview me too.
    So in one of her coming posts I’ll be one of the interviewees in her post.

    Lots of success to you. I hope you’re having success with affliliate marketing.
    That has my interest too.
    I have to go finish my new post for my blog too.


    • Hi Deanna,
      Thanks for visiting again. That particular weekend started what has been a somewhat crazy and hectic couple weeks so far. I learned that my 9 y/o Rottweiler/Shepherd had developed severe arthritis in her hind legs (we thought at first, that she had a sprain) and would likely be a paraplegic for the rest of her life. My wife and I have had to totally adjust ourselves in order to provide the proper care for her. She is 100lbs of solid dog and lifting her a few time a day have been quite an event for me, but she is family so we persevere :~) I will write about this experience soon.

      I read both the Post you mentioned and I read her interview with you. Both excellent. Her comment about checking ones ego at the door is absolutely spot on.

      My marketing efforts (both Affiliate and otherwise) have been going and growing slowly but surely. Patience, planning and effort are the keys to a successful campaign and I am exercising all those in this pursuit – I am enjoying the process.


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