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In an earlier Post, I spoke about participating in Joint Venture (JV) Giveaways in order to build your ‘list’. As a Marketer, participating in a JV by contributing a product that you have either made yourself, or that you hold the ‘Giveaway Rights’ for, can boost your list 10 fold or more within a few days.

The question is, as a newbie with no list to start with, how can one participate in Joint Ventures which often require that contributors must recruit either other contributors or members for their gift (contribution) to remain in the event?

Well,  in my case I decided to contact a few friends whom I thought might be interested in downloading some of the offerings and asked them to sign up as ‘members’ under my link.

I also used the various Social Networking sites that I belong to (Facebook, Twitter, Sokule, MySpace, etc) to post information about the Events (Ensuring that MY contributor link was inserted – do not forget to do this. It is the only way that your sign-ups are credited to YOU.)

Phil Morgan has some excellent suggestions on List Building in his Blog, which you can read here.

Now for some shameless promotion:- Please feel free to sign up to the various Joint Venture Giveaways below. Some are still available for contributors, others are available for just members (downloads only).

Joint Ventures To Join Now

WebMaster Control Gifts
Presented By: Brad Smith and Alex Perez-Prat

Launches on: 18th November 2009  Ends on: 2nd December 2009

Join as a contributor:

Join as a member:

The Thanksgiving Giveaway 2009

Launches on: 20th November 2009  Ends on: 27th November 2009

Join as a contributor:

Internet Marketing Products Giveaway
With Badal Banerjee and Dale Hackett

Open For Free Downloads

Open Now –  Ends on: 16th November 2009

Join as a member:

100 Percent Giveaway
With Rodger Hyatt and Ryan Bessling

Open For Free Downloads

Open Now -   Ends on: 30th November 2009

No other give-away has ever done this before!
Done what? Offered 100 percent commissions for referrals and your own special offers!

Join as a contributor:

Join as a member:

Thanks For Giving Thanksgiving Giveaway
With Joseph Anderson

Open For Free Downloads

Open Now –  Ends on: 30th November 2009

Join as a member:

Halloween Spook-Nite JV Giveaway

Open For Free Downloads

Open Now –  Ends on: 22nd November 2009

Join as a Member:

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  1. Phil MorganNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Richard,

    You’re right on. Using your social networks, etc to get your foot in the door promoting the Giveaway events you’re in is a really good way to get moving. There are lots of things you can do if you think about it.

    Nice blog Richard.

    Phil :)

  2. Hi Richard, I see you’re using Sokule. How does that? Do you get leads or prospects ?

    Does it differ much from twitter?


    • Hi Deanna, I really just started using Sokule and am still working my way around it. It is similar to Twitter in a number of ways (terminology is different – Tweets would be called Squeaks in Sokule, etc).

      I find that the interface (for me) is a bit awkward, but that is probably a ‘learning curve’ thing. It appears that it is far more geared toward marketing than is Twitter.

      The paid levels afford you various additional applications and other features to enhance your ‘Squeaking’ experience. I ma still on the basic (free) level and will see how it goes.

      I cannot really say much more about it yet, but I thank you for recommending that I try it and suggest that you take it for a ’spin’ and see how it might work for you.

  3. RobertNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Richard,

    Great advice on how to quickly build a list. I think many of the giveaway events are an ideal way for “newbies” to get started with list building.

    Right now, I need to check out some of the giveaway events you posted. You never know what you may find:-)

    • Hi Robert and welcome to my humble Blog. Thank you for your kind words.

      As a relative newbie to list building myself, I am definitely finding that JV’s are helping me build my list – its growing for sure. And I am finding a few great products in the bargain :~)

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